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Why Virtures on a Fun Sun Run? you ask. Well, with all the addiction to oil, greed and corruption in the financial world, I thought it would be worthwhile to review what makes us strong, like sunlight being the best disinfectant for corruption. Solar energy is a good antidote for fossil fuel addiction. So, take and look and add your own values.

Delay in starting time. Arghh.

Well, fans, like every project I have ever been involved in, I am behind schedule, and over budget, but as to schedule, our new Lithium batteries just came in from Plug In Supply. It will take more time to get them installed and finish the motorcycle, Xtreme BugE. So, instead of a June 1 take off time, as I had hoped, we are looking to be more like June 20, the Summer Solstice. How auspicious ! Stay tuned, and keep passing the word. Let me know what you think: