Power of One. www.xof1.com

xof1Wait, I forgot to tell you about the all solar EV, the Power of One. Check out their web site. Their team stayed at my home in Silver Spring, MD for two nights. Lucky me. They even came to my 60th birthday party. What a great present. The Power of One seeks to promote solar and EVs, but it is not so much about the technology, as it is about inspiring people, young and old, to consider that one person can make a difference, and of course, more people working together can make a bigger difference. Marcello da Luz [light – how appropriate!] is the pilot. What a guy. Up to the Arctic Circle, to show that SEVs are not weakies ! Read about it at www.xof1.com

Renew America Roadtrip

Well, it seems like more than one crew is doing a coast to coast this summer on EV, electric vehicle, power. Go to http://www.renewamericaroadtrip.com/ to read about the trip by a Tesla, $100,000+ car, which will go from NYC to Calif from July 15 – 31, about 200 miles per day, similar to our projected pace. We hope to do our FunRun out and back in 30 days. The Tesla is a VERY cool car, good looking and good performing. CHeck it out and let me know what you think.


So, I keep getting people who wonder what the connection is between a solar/electric vehicle, SEV, not SUV, educational effort, like the FunRunintheSun, and staying fit.
Here comes a new book to explore this topic. Thanks to Grist, a great e-magazine with attitude.
According to Globesity: A Planet Out of Control?, a book by four public-health researchers who show how climate change and obesity draw from a shared web of roots, both problems, global warming and obesity, worsen as car culture spreads, desk jobs replace manual jobs, and carbon-intensive foods (including meat) become available to more and more eaters.

The two issues spread across the planet in similar ways. Those paying attention to climate change know the planet can

It is World Ocean Day

So, I figured I would remind you to check out those web sites which point out that 40 – 50% of the litter in the oceans is related to smoking. Ugh. Smoking is not only bad for the smokers, but there goes all that money “up in smoke” that could have been spent on solar panels. Check out my Stay Fit site under Blog for more rants on kicking your bad habits, such as polluting your body with junk food and getting good habits, like exercising, eating right and losing unwanted weight.
Global warming is also harming our oceans with additional CO2 which becomes carbonic acid, acidifying the water and hurting coral reefs and other critters. Warming water hurts coral reefs directly, in addition to the acidification.
Plastics are another major source of litter in the ocean. Plastic bags are eaten by turtles who think the bags may be jellyfish. Plastic water and soda bottles are another harmful source of ocean litter. So, basically, the word for the day is don’t litter and be a litter picker upper, but also change laws as well as change light bulbs. Get laws passed in your neck of the woods to ban plastic bags and water bottle purchases by your local governments, like San Francisco has done. Work to improve drinking water qualify for all, so that not just those with money can buy the cool water bottles with the allegedly better water. Face the fact that bottled water really isn’t better for you. It is a fashion statement.
Now, are you getting the impression that I am becoming a nag? Hey, you are looking at one of the world’s most optimistic up-beat guys. The other side of pointing out problems is that there are handy dandy solutions. Make your world and your body cleaner and you will find it more enjoyable. Your thoughts?