Jerry’s solar PHEV reaches San Francisco

My partner in EV crime, Jerry Asher,, has reached San Francisco in yet another cross country trek, this time accompanying the white Tesla that was the star of the or RAR for short. The Tesla is all electric and expensive. But it performed well. Jerry was the advance scout and he scouted up a lot, a lot of press, people, and pride ! Way to go, Jerry. We’re proud of you. Even Rex the puppy says Woof.

When are we taking off for California?

I get asked this alot, especially as our start date keeps getting postponed. But as you cans see from some of these pictures, mechanical work is progressing. We hope to be able to compete in the annual EV drag races at the end of August. See, also sponsored by our parent non-profit, the Electric Vehicle Association of Greater DC, on the web. This year’s drag races/autocross races will also have a Conference featuring out of town speakers, experts in technology developments. Join us at the drag races/Conference. Sign up now.

Other EV runs across the country

It occurs to me that others might be interested to know about other EV road trips to educate the public. Check out the historic EV1 trip, Charging Across America, That was 1998. Now, in 2009, check out two gals and their parrot in an Aptera ! recharge Add them to my list of Heroes. See my Heroes section, below.