The Fun Run will now start in June 2010

I keep getting asked. We had hoped to take off in the summer of 2009. Well, delays due to technical difficulties are to blame. No one person should be blamed. Why June? Well, my youngest daughter is graduating from high school in early June, so I can’t leave before then, or I would get strangled by several unnamed parties ! This way I will straddle the June 20 summer solstice, best sun, before the real heat of August summer burns us into toast. Good idea?

New films of interest. FUEL
Catch this trailer. Then watch Crude, about Ecuador and Chevron. The FUEL movie is about oil, of course, but also algae based oil, which may be a great solution for all the gasoline vehicles that are still out there on the road. They would be better as electric cars, but be reasonable. They aren’t going to vanish overnight.

Xtreme BugE at the Labor Day Parade

The BugE was a hit at the parade. One problem. It overheated in the slow traffic. I guess it needs to run ! FunRun. When the motor turns the fan in the motor turns, cooling the motor. Without more turns the motor overheats. So then we remembered that we put tape over the vents to keep debris, scrap metal from drilling,etc. from getting into the motor. Take off the tape covering the motor vents and things are looking better.
WOW. I took it around the block some more with the batteries charged up. Zing. And when you take your foot off the accelerator, the regenerative braking kicks in and you don’t even need regular brakes. Quite a lot of pickup.

Saving Civilization is not a spectator sport !

So, says Lester Brown of World Watch. And I agree. So, it’s time to FIGHT ! The truth of the matter is that global warming legislation needs your help. Call now to your Senators.202-224-3121 is the Capitol operator. Ask for your Senator. The Senate will make or break global warming legislation. The Senate has the fillibuster which could stop good legislation unless we act. Call now.

New media hit for FunRun from Planet Better Place


Charlie Garlow is a man who leads by example and has been passionate about making his case on the use of renewable energy as an alternative fuel long before the green economy was popular and embraced as it currently is. He most recently was awarded a Solar Hero by the American Solar Energy Society and its easy to see why. There is nothing more powerful than leading by example, something Charlie and his team display beautifully with their U.S cross country travel on Extreme BUG-E- a solar powered vehicle.


Fun Run in the Sun

More details on the first day driving at the drag race

Here is a video of the NBC coverage.

And here is a write up submitted for publication.

Jo Reyes, dynamite mechanic, and Charlie Garlow, nerdy clean air enforcement attorney, make an odd couple, but jokes, EVs and beer bring them together to work on the Xtreme BugE. See for pictures and details. Sunday August 30, 2009, the 3 wheeled electric motorcycle was finally ready to rumble. Charlie is small enough to get behind the wheel, yes, wheel on this motorcycle. It also has floor brakes and accelerator. Jo has done an excellent job of “pimping” the ride, the original kit from Blue Sky Designs in Oregon. He and Charlie put in a FatBoy Harley Davidson rear tire with belt drive to a 72 volt motor. The brakes and suspension were also upgraded. In our haste, we unfortunately installed the steering backwards. Oops. That means to steer left, you turn the wheel to the right. Great for dislexics, but not so good for a nervous pencil pusher who is pulling out onto the Mason-Dixon Dragstrip. If the BugE drifts to the left, will Charlie forget and steer right, which will take the vehicle even farther left, and flip the beast? Or will he keep his cool? YIKES. Don’t tell anyone. The track inspectors might bounce us. The drag meister’s running commentary on the weird EVs at the annual Power of DC East Coast championship drag races doesn’t exactly know what to say about this jalopy. The light turns green. Charlie floors it. Straight down the highway. The crowd goes wild! Another victory for nerves of steel.
Meanwhile, back at the shop, the team gets ready for the cross country run on solar and electric power. Charlie will be joined by veteran EV cross-country driver, Jerry Asher. Jerry is the owner of a PHEV Prius with Plug in Supply conversion kit, plus solar panels on the roof installed by Bob Bruninga, Naval Academy engineering professor. Jerry is a veteran of several treks across the US, including his PHEV All Around America,, year long trip, visiting all 48 state capitols and 5 Canadian provinces, and 55 Electric Auto Assoc chapters. EVJerry, as he is known, just got back from serving as a support vehicle to the coast to coast Tesla run called Renew America Roadtrip.
Jerry is also a veteran, US Army Sergeant Major retired. Charlie is a veteran, too, US Marine Sergeant E-5. Once a marine, always a marine. Jerry and Charlie consider themselves to be in the service of their country, supporting our troops because they drive EVs.

Charlie is determined to make his dream come true. Following in the footsteps of ‘s Louis Palmer of Switzerland, who drove around the world in his 3 wheeled EV, Charlie, like Louis, wants to have a solar paneled trailer to pull behind his clean machine. This will provide some, but not all, of the juice needed to keep the FunRunintheSun going 200 miles per day. Washington DC to California and back in 30 days. 6000+ miles. Staying in the homes of supporters at night. Talking to the media, school kids, and other civic organizations [not just preaching to the convinced], the FunRunintheSun team hopes to generate the kind of good energy for EVs and solar that will encourage others to buy, build and experiment with these old/new technologies. Make your dreams come true. Take off from your desk job and bounce down the highway on a long distance trek, with your 12 pound puppy on your lap. Travels with Charlie, revisited, but this time, the book will be written by the puppy, on his …what else….dog blog !