COnfessions of a Chevy Volt owner/leasee
I don’t normally promote anything having to do with gasoline, but the Chevy Volt is a great electric vehicle. This video is right on. This guy drives to work 20 miles, charges up at work. Perfect. He has driven it for 14 months, saving $1800 on gasoline, including the cost of the electricity he uses. He gets 203 miles per gallon. Give it a look !

Wind Power. Coming on strong !

The U.S. wind industry installed just over 6,810 MW in 2011, 31 percent higher than 2010, and has more than 8,300 MW under construction, setting the stage for a strong 2012. Overall, the results show that wind power is forging ahead into new states like Ohio and Nevada while doubling down on installations in existing strong wind markets like California, Illinois, Iowa and Kansas.

Over 6,000 Megawatts (MW) is about the same as 6 nulcear plants, in one year. And 8 more next year. Meanwhile, nuclear has built zero plants in the last several decades.nuke-plant

Solar can reduce the cost of electricity for everyone.

This chart shows how solar can reduce the peak energy use, which is very expensive, and thus reduce prices for everyone. Instead of paying up to 48 cents per kwh at peak, Californians can pay a lot less for solar electricity. Germany found that they saved 40% on their energy bills with their solar.
If we orient our solar panels to the southwest, we will get more late afternoon sun, when it is really needed.

Combined Heat and Power – 2nd try.

Increasing our industrial energy efficiency could spur more than $200 billion in new private investment in the United States and create up to one million jobs, according to Oak Ridge National Laboratory.*

Manufacturing and power generation creates large amounts of heat, which typically escapes through smokestacks into the air. With currently available, proven technologies we can capture this energy and use it to heat additional buildings or generate more electricity cheaply and reliably. Simply put, improving industrial efficiency means we can get more power from the same amount of natural gas, coal, and other fuel sources.

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