Bloomberg poll agrees – Americans support carbon rules

Americans by 2 to 1 Would Pay More to Curb Climate Change

By Lisa Lerer – Jun 10, 2014

Americans are willing to bear the costs of combating climate change, and most are more likely to support a candidate seeking to address the issue.

By an almost two-to-one margin, 62 percent to 33 percent, Americans say they would pay more for energy if it would mean a reduction in pollution from carbon emissions, according to the Bloomberg National Poll.

While Republicans were split, with 46 percent willing to pay more and 49 percent opposed to it, 82 percent of Democrats and 60 percent of independents say they’d accept higher bills.

America supports GHG controls

Two-thirds of United States residents support the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) proposal to reduce power plants’ carbon dioxide emissions, according to a poll released Wednesday by NBC News and the Wall Street Journal.

The survey found that 37 percent of respondents strongly support EPA’s proposal unveiled June 2, and 30 somewhat support it. Twenty-nine percent oppose it, the poll found.

More generally, 57 percent of respondents said they’d approve of a policy that would reduce greenhouse gas emissions, if even if meant higher electricity bills. That is the highest approval rating for that question since NBC and the Wall Street Journal started asking it.

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