Appalachian Trail hike to start March 17

Charlie’s Retirement PartySt Patty’s Day to bring us the luck o the Irish. My hiking partner is Dave and he has Irish heritage, and I am IBM, that Irish By Marriage, to my wonderful wife, Joan Flaherty. 100% on both sides.
We are thinking to start in Harper’s Ferry WV, the HQ of the ATC, Appal Trail Conservancy, which is about the middle of the AT, and hike north to Maine. Then take the bus back to WV and hike south to Atlanta. Why? Because it avoids the crowds of hikers that all want to start in Georgia in the spring. The ATC recommends this “flip flop” approach to save wear and tear on the AT.
And what is with this Donate button? I am doing this hike as a fundraiser for various non-profit causes/organizations, mostly including environmental efforts, stop global warming, electric cars, solar energy, energy efficiency. But I also hope to raise money for the Y, formerly known as the YMCA, to help youth. And the Rotary Club’s Stop Polio Now campaign. I am on the board of these organizations. All donations will be split among these groups, or you can earmark, by sending me a message at Some are pledging a penny a mile, which is just over $20 if I make it all the way. Many don’t complete the thru hike in one year, but rather do it in sections over a course of years, which is great, too, but we hope to make the whole dang thing in one year, March to September/October.

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