Back on The blog after technical difficulties

Sorry folks. I haven’t been able to blog since 3/17. A lot has happened. My hiking buddy, Dave Hedrick, had to leave the Trail after 5 days with some kind of stomach problem. It caused him to have no appetite. So his wife came to pick up and brought along a wonderful surprise for me: my wonderful wife Joan. We 4 had a meal nearby. Dave couldn’t eat anything much. I hope he gets well soon so he can rejoin me farther up the Trail.
When we got to Dalgren camp site there were no hot showers. Rats! Not until “the season” in April.
We stayed the first night in the Ed Garvey shelter. That is where the unfortunate accident happened-a tree fell on a hiker and killed him. So MD reacted by sending in the chainsaws to cut all dead trees near shelters. Nice. But it is just as likely for a hiker to get hit by a tree along the AT. They can’t protect us from everything. But is the best response trey could do. It wouldn’t look good to do nothing.
At Ed Garvey we camped with two marvelous midshipmen from the Naval Academy in Annapolis MD on spring break. Taylor (gal) and Chris(guy). I taught Taylor to play the Nose flute. She was good so I gave her one. She was thrilled with my nose version of Anchors Away. She loves that song. She better had! She’s in the Navy now ! I put in extra florishes and harmony. It’s a good feeling to put a smil on someone’s face.
The attached picture ( boo, I can’t seem to get pictures to upload) is me at the MD/PA border aka Mason Dixon line. Days later. I had spent the previous night at a B&B/ hostel in Cascade MD run by a terrific Mom named Elizabeth Gilchrist. She picked me up at the Trail head, drove me to the post office to pick up the food his from Joan and back to the Trail head again. What s giant breakfast of pancakes, 3 scrambled eggs, baked pears, milk juice and water. I finished it all.
Thank you Joan for sending me a variety of interesting dinners with instructions (in case I am an idiot). Couscous with veggies and tuna was my favorite. I eat double portions as I am burning lots of calories.

I’ll take a break now and blog more later

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