Easter Sunday. I am in Pine Grove PA

Pretty small and poor area. I stopped to pick up food from home at the Post Office. The weather is better.
Let’s talk a outing peeing in your sleeping bag. I used to get up in the middle of the night to pee at least once. Then a gal biologist told me to stop waking everyone else in the shelter up banging around. How do I do that? She produced a mason jar almost full of golden liquid. Get yourself a wide mouthed bottle like Gatorade. TAke it to bed with you. When you need to pee, go in the bottle and be sure to screw (eeww!) the cap on tight. I could do that. Understanding the mechanics of male anatomy it seemed simple. For her it seemed more comicated. Funnel? I didn’t ask.
For me it is a blessing not to have to crawl out of my sleeping bag into the cold and dark. But it always feels wrong. I know that Madonna pees in the shower thanks to the miracle of mass infotainment. But peeing in the bed even knowing that it is into a bottle makes me want to roll up a newspaper and say BAD DOG! So I cAn easily fill a 20 ounces Gatorade bottle. Watch out. Don’t overfill! Get a bigger bottle. Uggie Iggie

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