April 10,2015. I am in Danielsville PA, a very small town, two days from NJ.
So I thought I would share with you some stats and opinions about the AT.
The AT is 2189 miles long. That is about 5 million steps.
There are about 2500 steps in a mile. When I hike 10 miles in a day, that is 25,000 steps. I often do 12 mile or 30,000 steps. Or more.
In the course of today’s hike I climbed a mountain from 350 feet to 1600 feet. That is well over 1000 feet. It also ignores the 600 feet I descended befor I came to the mountain. Then I descended the mountain to where I am at 1100 feet with lots of other ups and downs along the way. So more than 2000 feet of elevation change with ups and downs. Since a normal home has an 8 foot ceiling, each flight is about 10 feet. So you get where I am going. Each day’s hike can Involve climbing about 200 flights of stairs with a 40 pound pack on your back
So Stairmaster has nothing on hikers.
So I am of the opinion that the AT is one long marathon Stairmaster combined with a treasure hunt. That’s because the trail is. It is not always marked well. So you have to snoop around to find the next trail blaze marking the path. Often I get lost and have to back track.
A running marathon is 13.1 miles. The AT is like a marathon every day for 5 months. Hike
But does that mean I am complaining? No.
I merely want to point out what an endurance contest this is.
Some hikers are speed hikers and cover over 30 miles per day completing the AT in just over 2 months. Too fast for me. But I salute them.

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