Sheffield MA. May1. Friday.

I’m staying at the home of Jess Treat who rents rooms for $35. Hot shower. Hard to say no to that. She picks you up at the trailhead even though that is 3 miles away. No charge. Includes breakfast. Jess is a real treat. No pun. She is having her writing club over this afternoon for 2 hours. Unlike a book club where you talk about the book you all read, they write prose and poetry together and make suggestions. I have never known writers in such clubs. Jess teaches Spanish and writing at a local college and runs this hiker hostel on the side. She says that business has been steadily growing the last 7 years that she has been doing this. She says others who are also renting rooms to hikers say the same. She likes it because it is not all year- just spring thru fall. And she gets to here all sorts of stories which is always good for a writer !! She frequent visits Mexico City so of course we had to trade stories on that topic. She is impressed with my Spanish.
Today I hiked up Mt Everett 2600 feet. On the way down I met one of my new heroes: Orange Crush. He likes to wear orange and he crushes the miles hiking 28 miles per day. Wow. I usually do 10-12 miles per day. He started in Georgia Zfeb 28 and expects to be at Mt Katahdin by June 10. Before I could get his picture he was gone, like the Lone Ranger. Who was that masked man? I don’t know but he left this silver bullet.
He reports some good news which I did not know. Most of Maine is relatively flat. The NH side is mountainous, a continuation of the NH White Mtns. And Mt Katahdin is surrounded by Mtns. But the infamous 100 mile wilderness is mostly flat. Of course this does not mean that Maine is a cake walk. It has boulders that you must climb over or around that are as big as cement trucks.

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