May 30 I’m temporarily in Silver Spring MD

I left the Trail to attend a family function. My oldest daughter is engaged to be married. Her future in-laws came to town and I had to be here in Silver Spring for that. They are great people.
But now it is time to get back on the Trail. Destination Maine and Mt Katahdin. My older brother, John, agreed to be my trail partner for the Hundred Mile Wilderness and on to the finish line. That will be fun. He’s a hoot.
Could meet a moose? At the moose-eum. Or the moose-ic hall !! Stay tuned as we leave for Maine on June 1.

One thought on “May 30 I’m temporarily in Silver Spring MD

  1. Hey Charlie. I see you’re out of town for a while. A fellow at the bike rack last night upon seeing my solar powered elf from organic transit mentioned your name as an enthusiast for such technology. I’ve added a trailer with a second solar panel that I can clumsily angled toward the Sun but I’d like to improve that and I’d like to improve my feeds for charging other devices off the current electronics and it occurred to me you might know of someone with an interest in and ability to work with me on one or either projects. I hope you’re well. If you can contact me or have someone do so that would certainly be appreciated. I’m a human rights activist donating my life in Washington DC. Thanks. James.

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