Are natural gas vehicles an answer?

Recent Congressional testimony from a scientist at the ARgonne National lab, says, Not so much.
When burned in cars, natural gas also produces about 6 to 11 percent less carbon emissions than gasoline over its entire life cycle, according to estimates from Argonne National Laboratory. [6 – 11% less? That’s all? – CG] APGA says that is pretty good progress, but it is still short of the sorts of reductions in man-made emissions that many scientists say are necessary to stave off the worst effects of climate change.

“Certainly, trying to power half the nation’s transportation vehicles with natural gas would probably be a mistake for the reason I cited in my testimony,” Greene wrote. “Maybe even one-third would be too much, but 5-10 percent would be great, and that’s a huge increase from where we are today.”

How about powering half the nation’s vehicles on electricity? The infrastructure is already here: 120 volt outlets. They are EVERYWHERE @!!

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