alliance_save_energyWe all want our planet to stay fit. Don’t forget to keep yourself fit. Run, bike, swim. Those are all no pollution ways of getting to where you want to go ! Also, electric bikes, electric motorcycles and electric cars can keep you and the planet in good shape. Why? Because you are always jumping out of your electric car to explain it to other people, running your mouth !! 🙂
I try to stay fit since a lighter weight is easier for my motorcycle to move around ! And if I drive 200 miles per day, you can take a beating from the bumps, unless you are tough. So, pushups, chinups, squats, all those Marine Corps exercises they taught me in the 1960s. Yike, am I that old?
Stand up straight. It makes you look younger. It changes your attitude to optimistic, as opposed to what you are when you leave a bar, misty-optic ! This belongs in the Jokes section of this web page !